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FutureCast - Full Podcast: Dean Eckles on Mobile Persuasion

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Listen to the full podcast of Lyn Jeffery in conversation with Dean Eckles, discussing how we interact socially through communication technologies as well as the “social” relationships we have with the technologies themselves.

Dean Eckles investigates how interactive technologies actively influence behavior and how people interact with systems that sense the shared environment. He is a researcher and a PhD student in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, and has also worked in research roles at Facebook, Nokia, and Yahoo. His work uses lab and field experiments, analysis of observational data, diary studies, and interviews. Dean is co-editor of Mobile Persuasion: 20 Perspectives on the Future of Behavior Change (2007), a book that examines the growing use of mobile phones to change behaviors in health, consumption, and interpersonal communication. His research is published in proceedings and journals on human–computer interaction. Dean is trained in cognitive science, philosophy, human–computer interaction, statistics, and communication research; he holds a BA, BS, and MS from Stanford University.

(Originally recorded October 14, 2010)