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Rachel Hatch

Research Director, Ten-Year Forecast
Rachel Hatch

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Rachel Hatch is a Research Director with IFTF’s Ten-Year Forecast program, where her primary responsibility is customization and interpretation of IFTF research for diverse clients. She has worked with clients ranging from large corporations like Procter & Gamble and Hallmark Cards Inc. to government agencies like the Office of Naval Research to non-profit organizations like United Cerebral Palsy, AARP, and the Episcopal Church. She is an expert designer and facilitator of workshops as well as an experienced game guide in IFTF’s Foresight Engine forecasting engagements. She is also co-curator of TEDxRedding. Rachel holds an M. Div. from Yale Divinity School and an M. Phil. from Trinity College in Dublin, with a special interest in building shared visions of the future.  

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