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Food Forests and Prosperity without Growth

Via NPR's Food Blog comes word of an urban foraging project in Seattle called the Beacon Food Forest. The concept is simple: Populate vacant space with fruit trees, vegetables and other healthy foods so that nearby residents can simply go out and pick fresh fruits and vegetables as needed.

The Future of Medical Microwork

My lates Fast Coexist piece is available here. In it, I argue that medical microwork is emerging as a means to improve global health-as well as an innovative development strategy. It begins:

Environmental Health Drones

Via Make Magazine comes word of an aerial drone that inadvertently happened upon a meat packing plant in Dallas that was polluting a nearby river with pig blood.

What if Your Doctor Prescribed a Chatbot for You?

A couple weeks ago during a research meeting for our upcoming year, our colleague Lyn Jeffery challenged us to imagine a future where, at some point in the next decade, doctors start prescribing chatbots, robots and other forms of artificial intelligence as a relatively routine matter of medical practice.

Your Personal Placebo Profile

During their work on the Future of Persuasion, my colleagues in the Technology Horizons program developed the idea of a personal persuasion profile - that, in effect, each of us will be profiled based on the kinds of pitches, targeting and information we're most likely to respond to, that, over time, will follow us around in our virtual lives.

Exploring the Future of Games and Health

IFTF was invited by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to help organize a workshop at the White House conference center on health and games. Yesterday, my colleague Mike Liebhold and I were among a group of roughly two dozen researchers, game designers and key government officials exploring how games can be used to improve health and health care.

Embedded Health: Designing Future Health Interventions Around Our Weaknesses

My most recent Fast Coexist piece is up - taking a look at a concept I wrote about in 2010 called Embedded Health, which argues that the future of health design is to create interventions that help us overcome our weaknesses. It begins:

What 50 Cent Can Teach us About the Future of Empathetic Foods

Since one of my research beats at the Institute is to track the emergence of weird, misguided, and yet, at times, brilliant packaged foods, I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't note the recent release of a new energy shot developed by the rapper 50 Cent that is almost certainly the first energy drink released in partnership with the United Nation's World Food Programme.

Pop-Up Urbanism to Build Community Health

I enjoyed, but was also a bit disappointed by, a recent Health Affairs article by David Erickson and Nancy Andrews looking at the role that community development could play in contributing to community-wide health and well-being.

The Toxic Effects of Childhood Stress

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a fascinating, and potentially transformative, statement a couple of weeks ago about something that would seem to be a simple, almost insignificant problem: Stress.

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