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Envisioning the Future of Drugs in San Francisco

This past week we interns each built a prototype for a game to engage with the future.  We considered this task to be a smaller version of the final project that is the culmination of this internship. Since we had but five days to design and complete our prototype, it was a challenge to identify a problem of the appropriate size.  My "play-space" shrunk from neural enhancement to chemical neural enhancement to chemical neural enhancement policy.

Week 1: Interns get hacking

For 24 hours starting on June 23 at 2:00pm, we IFTF interns racked our brains for a small "Hack Day". IFTF affiliate Ariel Waldman had briefed us with general guidelines and some sample projects from past Hack Days. But the space of possibilities was wide open. Our goal was to progress from the mind-map phase to the throw-something-together phase on one or several good ideas related to California.

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