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Antarctica After the Ice

During the time of the dinosaurs, Antarctica was covered with tropical rain forests. Overtime, as the planet cooled, and ice caps formed on the planet's poles. By the 20th century Antarctica was a desolate wasteland completely encompassed by ice. Because of this, the continent was largely ignored save for the attentions given to it by small groups of scientists and the occasional pioneering explorer.


Hacking Security at Toorcamp

You might expect that a hacker camp, like Toorcamp, is full of shady individuals who want to break into your computer and steal your data. Often times, people consider “hacking” to be a negative venture. In my experience this is not the case.


The Great American Hacker Camp

Toorcamp is a social technology event populated by hackers and makers, held at Neah Bay in Washington state. I am writing from the fog covered mountains of the northwestern most point of the continental US, so close to Canada that you can see her coast from the kelp covered beach. This moist outdoor paradise provides a wonderful analogy for the intersection of man, her tools, and nature.



Super Happy Block Party Hackathon

IFTF would like to invite you to the first annual Super Happy Block Party Hackathon. If you have never been to a hackathon before, all you need to know is the time and location: March 31, 1pm-1am, downtown Palo Alto.

Video Game as Design Fiction

Design fiction is a powerful tool for helping us think about the future. Often times, the goal in creating a design fiction is to explore what a future technology looks like, how it feels, and how we might interact with it. Noah Radford recently wrote two blog posts about design fiction. On Glass and Mud criticizes corporate design fictions being short-sighted and for disregarding the human element.

Shop Class, Makers, and The Future of Education in California

Imagine taking a class in high school where you can create a tool for eating your favorite food. Maybe you want a special set of chopsticks to eat your homegrown salad, or a high-tech polymer spork to scoop up the latest in laboratory grown nutrients. What you decide to build is limited only by the imagination. And if this is your first time deigning and manufacturing something, do not fear, an experienced maker will be there to guide you through the process. 

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