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IFTF Summer Internships

Institute for the Future will be holding a 4-week internship program this summer, from June 22 – July 16.  The program will focus on providing participants with an introduction to foresight research and practice.  You will enjoy exposure to various foresight methodologies, many at the innovative edge of strategic foresight and futures work. It's an opportunity to work with a leading futures group in a creative environment, with a mix of direction and independence.  Note: This internship is exclusively for graduate and undergraduate students.

Blue Mind: A look at the ocean through the field of neuroscience

"We are more than logical. We are human." Jacques Cousteau.

Why do books and symposia about the human brain, the most complex object in the universe, contain no mention of the ocean, the single greatest feature of our planet? Why do books and conferences on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans entirely overlook the field of cognitive neuroscience? The BlueMind Summit seeks to answer these questions by combining the fields of neuroscience and oceanography through presentations from practitioners and visionaries in both fields. 

Fast Company profiles

WikiLeaks and the power of the Internet

Mercury News columnist Chris O'Brien published a column this week about the power of the Internet and its potential to erode the power of nations and large corporations. IFTF Research Director, Jake Dunagan is quoted in the article, citing the long-held belief by futurists that "large organizations such as nations or even corporations, which are built on a centralized hierarchy, are helpless to fight flatter, more decentralized organizations designed around networks."

David Evan Harris interviewed by Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society

IFTF's David Evan Harris was interviewed at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Leaders Make the Future Audiobook

Bob Johansen's book Leaders Make the Future is now available as an audiobook through You can purchase the audiobook download here

Research Manager Rachel Lyle Hatch interviewed for Trinity News

Lindsay Lunnum, a young parish priest writing for the Trinity News, the magazine of Trinity Wall Street Church in New York City, recently interviewed IFTF Research Manager Rachel Lyle Hatch on forecasting and IFTF's work with the Episcopal Church.

The interview broke down the methods and reasons for forecasting and touched on some of the ongoing work IFTF has done in collaboration with the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes, which can be found here.

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