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Rachel Maguire

Research Director, Health Horizons Program
Rachel Maguire

Rachel believes that futures thinking and forecasting are critical for enabling health care delivery systems to better prepare for an constantly evolving health and well-being landscape.  As a principal researcher in developing IFTF’s body of work around key directional shifts affecting the future of health, healthcare and well-being, Rachel combines her deep understanding of both health finance and the impact new media and mobile personal technologies are having on health practices.

Rachel has co-authored numerous IFTF reports including The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, Industry Compass 2.0: The Future of Healthcare funded by Deloitte LLP Health Sciences & Government practice,Future forces of change: Trends Shaping the Healthcare Workforce funded by NOVA, and Booting Up Mobile Health: From Medical Mainframe to Distributed Intelligence.  She has also written on standardizing education and training for international health professionals, the role of telehealth in facilitating service delivery across borders in the European Union, the increasing opportunities for Mexican health professionals to work in the United States, and service delivery schemes and financing for U.S. citizens living in Mexico.

Rachel shares her perspective on the future of health and well-being in speeches at healthcare conferences and, as an experienced meeting facilitator, in client workshops and at strategic retreats. She presently serves on the Henry Ford Hospital and Medical Group National Advisory Council.