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IBM's vision for . . .

So says IBM.  It also proclaims:

Technology alone can't cure what ails us. But it can help those who treat our illnesses, heal our injuries, and find new ways ot battle diseases do it even better. It can also help healthy individuals to make smarter choices about their health and care.

Hey boss! Can I go see my PCP down the hall?

According to Brian Klepper's recent post on the Health Care Blog, onsite workplace health clinics "are re-emerging . . . at an astonishing rate."  About one-third of Fortune 1000 companies already have in-house clinics; surveys indicate that one-third more will have them in place by the end of 2010.  Many are at firms with more than 1000 employees, but some employers with as few as 150 employees have implemented them successfully.  Klepper notes, "[T]hey are scalable when properly deployed."

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