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How Simplicity Can Improve Well-Being

My life has been shaped by stories of people who have transformed their lifestyles to embrace simplicity. They dare to do radically less and have radically less, and end up with more - happiness, well-being, peace, time, and meaning.

In light of the Health Horizons’ current research on Resilient Bodies and Lifestyles, let’s meet Peter Lawrence and the SoulTravelers3.


Apples 67, Oranges 109—Fight!

Kale, ANDI-1000. Broccoli, ANDI-376. Carrots, ANDI-240. It seems so familiar, yet so bewildering. What are these signs, and why is the answer on the tip of my tongue as I roll through the produce section of my local Whole Foods? Should I hunt around for some explanatory sign?

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