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Four Practical Ways for Leaders to Make the Future

Bob Johansen recently published the second edition of Leaders Make the Future. In the book, Bob presents an expansive ten-year forecast about the key future forces that will impact our world in the decade ahead, pointing to the shift towards the global well-being economy, the growing impact of digital natives, and the emergence of cloud-served supercomputing.

Leaders Make the Future Audiobook

Bob Johansen's book Leaders Make the Future is now available as an audiobook through You can purchase the audiobook download here

10 Workplace Skills of the Future; the skills workers should strive to have and the skills employers should seek out and promote

In 2007 the Institute for the Future laid out 10 workplace skills. Originally used as part of the Superhero Skills from the 2007 Ten-Year Forecast annual retreat, they were then adapted as part of the Future of Work research, and finally repurposed as badges for the Superstruct game in 2008.

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