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Congratulations to SMS texting pioneer Ken Banks -- mobile health wouldn't be the same without him!

FrontlineSMS is a free, open-source software platform that enables large-scale, two-way text messaging using only a laptop, a GSM modem, and inexpensive cell phones.  The program was developed by Ken Banks, the founder of, which specializes in the application of mobile technology in the non-profit sector, particularly in the developing world. In recognition of his work with and FrontlineSMS, Ken recently won a prestigious Tech Award, an international award that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.  

Hope Phones—A signal of mobile health experimentation to come

In the recently released IFTF report entitled, Booting Up Mobile Health: From Medical Mainframe to Distributed Intelligence, we forecast that there will be high levels of experimentation and innovation in mobile health devices and services emerging from the Global South.  We expect poorer nations, including much of Sub-Saharan Africa, to develop into the main proving ground for decentralized, mobile models of health care delivery.  This is not only due to the rapid diffusion of mobile technology, but also because 20th-century models of centralized, institutionally managed health care

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