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Here in New York City, there is an incredibly popular burger stand in Madison Square Park called The Shake Shack. It's one of the touchpoints for Silicon Alley, and a great meet-up spot. The problem is that its usually insanely crowded, with an hour-long line stretching well across the park.

Clay Shirky Talks About Online Community on the Colbert Report

Last night I saw Clay Shirky, Jimmy Wales, Tim Wu and Jonathan Zittrain on a panel at the NYU Law School. Apparently I missed Clay's appearance 2 weeks ago on the Colbert Report, talking about his new book.

New Startup Finally Brings Web 2.0 to Forums

Paul Bragiel, who built what was one of the more interesting mobile social communities around his Meetro IM platform, has now brought Web 2.0 sensibilities to the world of many-to-many discussion forums. His new startup Lefora launched today, provides an elegant hosted alternative to the terribly ugly, labor-intensive decade-old hodge podge of forum software out there like phpBB.

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