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Engineering Health Care—HC2020 Perspective

Accelerating the Process of Change

As this HC2020 perspective noted, “medical care is moving
from its model as a healing art provided to isolated individuals by independent practitioners to one in which care is delivered by coordinated groups of providers … responsible for optimizing the health of defined populations of patients.”  

Exploring the Future of Health and Health Care with the American Medical Association

As part of our year-long journey into the future of Health and Health Care, IFTF will be hosting a series of regional open-space meetings to develop additional insights into the changing landscape of health and health care. We will be holding our first regional meeting on August 14th in partnership with the American Medical Association in Chicago, Illinois.

All About the Brain

We've been busy in the Health Team getting ready for our Health Care 2020 conference this Tuesday and Wednesday and one area, among many, that we're exploring is neurointereventions, which we describe as the growing trend of treating the brain as a site for prevention, augmentation and enhancement. So I can't say that I was entirely surprised when I visited MIT's Technology Review and found the site highlighting several innovations around neuroscience.

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