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In the Name of Progress: What Role Should Government Play in Medical Innovation?

I recently spent some time catching up on the excellent podcast, Planet Money, and I really enjoyed one episode in particular, Lighthouses, Autopsies and the Federal Budget. The show was about what governments should or shouldn't pay for, but what it got me thinking about, was how huge a role government policy will play in the innovation landscape of the future.

What’s in a Name? Strategic "Medicalization"

I recently read an interesting article in the Atlantic about the history of how we came to see alcoholism as a medical disease.

If This Blog Post Offends You, I Have Insurance

Worried that your edgy new advertising campaign might offend a lot more customers than it attracts? Worry no more. The CBC has a great story about a new concept for how businesses and people can protect themselves from saying stupid things: Social media insurance. The idea is that, before engaging in some heavy Facebooking, a company can hedge against the possibility that they'll say something stupid by paying an insurance company for protection.

As the CBC describes it:

Democratized data for a renewed California

More personal health information, but what to do with it all?

In recent months, this is a question that has really nagged at me.  So I decided to subject myself to the experience.  It started with my post about Allostatix; in response, the company offered me the opportunity to try out its predictive health product, the Allostatix Load Test.  I had to answer several biometrics questions—my blood pressure, resting heart rate, peak flow, etc.—and get some blood drawn for a battery of tests.

Soon enough, I got back a report that indicated that my health score fell in the middle of the product's "easy to understand" green/yellow/red ratings system. 

Identity management in online worlds

Every alternate year we conduct the IFTF Signals Survey to track emerging behaviors in the areas of technology, health, work, sustainability and environment. We conducted our survey last year where we looked at  how many people participate in virtual worlds and online games, how they manage and develop their online identities, and what kinds of associations they form with others in online worlds/games.

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