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Reimagining Work: Collaborative Authorship, Coordination, and Version Control

New Tool Paradoxes

One of the paradoxes of technological change is that as new tools are introduced, people often remain tethered to their existing tools and practices. It's a paradox because new technologies can be significantly beneficial, yet we are loath to incorporate them into our daily routines. As people, we don't tolerate losses too well. If we lose a technology we've come to rely on, even to replace it with a better version, that can feel like a big source of pain. 


WikiLeaks and the power of the Internet

Mercury News columnist Chris O'Brien published a column this week about the power of the Internet and its potential to erode the power of nations and large corporations. IFTF Research Director, Jake Dunagan is quoted in the article, citing the long-held belief by futurists that "large organizations such as nations or even corporations, which are built on a centralized hierarchy, are helpless to fight flatter, more decentralized organizations designed around networks."

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