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Asthma Alerts Through Social Networks

Arizona public health researchers are looking into updating asthma patients about environmental pollution through Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms. Under the proposal, Arizona residents could register with a publicly run program and receive updates about pollution and other environmental triggers for asthma that have been culled from environmental sensors.

Better eat your Wheaties . . . and tell the world about it

Okay, I confess, this post is really about Kashi Cereal, not Wheaties.  More importantly, it is about how this healthy food brand is using social media to build community around living well.  The company believes that "[w]ellness isn’t a race—it’s a journey. And every day is an opportunity to live life a little healthier than the day before. We truly believe when we eat well, we feel well."

The company must also believe in the power of social networks, because it has created one on its website. 

The Green Hospital

We've been looking into Green Health for a while now, so it's nice to see this Boston Globe item on an experimental design for the green hospital room. Designed to be both sustainable and cost-effective and pictured below.

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