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Fitness product does social media marketing right

I'm at the Games for Health Conference, which is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Pioneer program.   A product manager from Electronic Arts (EA) gave the morning keynote about the success of their product launch for Sports Active, which is a fitness program that uses the Wii platform.  EA is well-known for its line of sports games, as well as other genres generally targeted at a male, video-game playing audience.

Sports Active is a new product that is aimed primarily at a female audience, specifically busy moms.

Ulcer-Fighting Yogurt

While new studies find associations between some food and disease pretty much every day, this study is the first study I can remember that tests the curative properties of a specific food: yogurt. Described as both functional and tasty, the yogurt contains a an antibody called IgY-Urease, which blocks a bacterium, which is the leading causes of ulcers, from attaching to the stomach.

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