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Flavor Trip Your Way to Health

I've long thought that the key to being a good cook is the ability to make terrible tasting but healthy food palatable. I mean, anyone can make a bacon cheeseburger taste good, but it takes some real skill to make broccoli remotely enjoyable. But what if we could just trick our senses into finding traditionally unpleasant food tasty?

Can I Have a Featherless Chicken and a Side of Healthy Bacon?

The New Scientist has a great round-up of the various efforts geneticists are undertaking to modify farm animals. The story doesn't break any new ground, per se, but it's remarkable for the sheer breadth of ways that genetic engineers are attempting to redesign animals.


As the New Scientist describes it:

Engineering Meat

I'm sure I'm not the first researcher to spend a day reading about the high costs--in terms of land, fuel, and water--involved with producing meat only to wander into a restaurant for dinner and wind up ordering a bacon cheeseburger. The problem is that, well, meat tastes good.

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