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Neurocentric Health: Moving into the Mainstream

In our recent research, the Health Horizons program has been tracking the continuing maturity of what we call neurocentric health--the idea that the brain is becoming the focal point of a wide range of medical research and a whole host of new diagnostic and treatment tools. Taking a 10-year view, these big shifts in medical paradigms help guide long-term thinking and planning, including, for example, a shift in how we think about the concept of normality. 


Measuring the brain's response to good advertising

Of the 72 commercials aired during the 2009 Superbowl XLIII broadcast, which was your favorite?  If I asked you why you picked a particular ad, your intuitive response might be that the storyline caught and captured your attention. Makes sense. And now, neuromarketers claim they can support that answer by measuring your brain activity.

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