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Super Happy Block Party Hackathon

IFTF would like to invite you to the first annual Super Happy Block Party Hackathon. If you have never been to a hackathon before, all you need to know is the time and location: March 31, 1pm-1am, downtown Palo Alto.

On October 8, You Are Invited to Celebrate With Us!

Yes, you are invited to a special celebration!

Explore the Future of your Business at the Future Space Conference on Nov 16 in Vienna, Austria

IFTF will be presenting at the The Future Space Conference in Vienna, Austria, on Monday, November 16.

In turbulent times it’s becoming obvious that the future is unsecure and holds many surprises…and  opportunities. To seize these however, your company needs to change: The way it does business, the  way it thinks about success, the way it develops new businesses, the way it interacts with employees,  customers and its stakeholders. The question is how to do so?

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