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The Non-Ancient, Non-Secrets of Japanese Health

The Japanese people are longer-lived and healthier than Americans. Currently, that information does more to sell diet books than influence policy or infrastructure development. But research suggests public policy, income and healthcare equality, and the physical and social environment are a big part of what makes Japan healthy.

What Are You Printing for Dinner?

An early design prototype called Cornucopia is aimed at bringing 3-D printing into the kitchen.

Would you like a lemon wedge or some nutritional advice to go with your Coke? Or a penny per ounce sales tax?

I love a good twist, lemon, lime, or otherwise.  Today's twist is that a company well-known for producing very popular sweetened beverages that are thought to contribute to this country's obesity problem is now going to be offering nutritional advice under the auspices of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). 

Lemon: A good source of Vitamin CLemon: A good source of Vitamin C

Soda: A good source of sugarSoda: A good source of sugar
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