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SIGNALS: Avatars, Solar, Tar Sands, Shock Wave Engine, SketchChair, Robotics, Biopunk, Algae, Virtual Currency

  • 3-D Avatars Could Put You in Two Places at Once (source 
  • Google Invests $168 Million Towards the World’s Largest Solar Power Tower Plant (source

Scratch and Computational Thinking

I've been thinking a lot about the growth in programming and computational skills that will be required in a world in which Everything is Programmable, and I was really surprised and heartened to see an article by Mitch Resnick et al. about Scratch in this month's Communications of the ACM.

When Everything is Programmable Digital Stories

As a part of the year-long Technology Horizons Program research task, When Everything is Progammable: Life in a Conmputational Age, the research team created a digital story—a scenario of of the future—in three parts to accompany the research released for the 2009 Fall Exchange.

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