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How to kick butt at kicking butts: A novel approach to smoking cessation

In the past year or so, I have had the opportunity to cross paths several times with Brian Mossop, a really smart neuroscientist/blogger whose wife, Kit, is a senior clinical scientist at Proteus, one of my all-time favorite Silicon Valley bio-tech companies.  In their spare time, Brian and Kit have developed a unique, science-based approach to smoking cessation called Project Kick Butts.  Here's the quick pitch:

Tell Me What I Can Do

Jay Parkinson has a typically smart post at the Future Well asking if "viewing personalized life data changes everyday behavior?

People still want to dream: Stephen Duncombe Interview, part 3

Our third and final installment of the Stepen Duncombe interview begins with the way those on the Left and Right (with all caveats about generalizations acknowledged) think about and use power and persuasion.

What if your scale told you what to eat, not how much you weigh?

The other day, my colleague, Jason Tester, blogged about a scale, covered in fuzzy, fuschia fake fur (or something) that provided users with affirmations instead of numbers.

Today's bathroom scale, designed by Ji Lee, doesn't display weight either. Instead, his Diet Scale suggests an appropriate meal to eat based on how much you weigh.

Nudging kids to health

This is a quick follow up on my recent post, "How to get kids physically active? Reward them!," which describes a commercial offering (Switch2Health) targeted at kids that provides them with incentives for engaging in physical activity.

"The Lightest of Touches": Interview with Stephen Duncombe, part 2

Since our first installment of interview highlights with Stephen Duncombe, there's been a big announcement concerning our interviewee. It seems that Steve will be leaving NYU to take become co-director of the the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT (the chair formerly held by Henry Jenkins). Congrats to Steve on this very prestigious post, and congrats to MIT for having the courage and foresight to grab one of the freshest thinkers (and doers!) out there.

The Non-Sponsored Moment: An Interview with Stephen Duncombe

As part of our Future of Persuasion research, we are conducting interviews with scholars, activists, technologists, and other experts who have been thinking deeply about influencing human behavior. This week, I had the privilege of talking with NYU media, culture and politics professor Stephen Dreampolitik Duncombe.

The social contagion of physical activity, or how people love a challenge

Wearing Your Medicine

Was your lunch yesterday 400 calories or 500 calories? Whatever the answer is, you probably don't know it. Which is what makes a prototype patch that offers real time data about the wearer's caloric intake--and the number of calories burned in the past 24 hours--such a potentially disruptive technology.

Self-reflection as a form of persuasion

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