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How Products Are Shaping Social Networks

I'm not typically inclined to blog about evil genius, but it's hard to know how else to describe the redesign of an e-cigarette Blue Cigs. Specifically, the redesigned "smart packs" help e-cigarette smokers connect and socialize over doses of vaporized nicotine.

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The Future of Reading Faces

An interesting blog post in the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks ago highlighted a startup company called MedNetworks that, among other things, analyzes social networking data to help pharmaceutical salespeople target their pitches to influential doctors.

Shopping for Your Genome

I spent the last couple days at the Personalized Medicine World Conference and one of the most intriguing companies I encountered was a small startup called HolGenTech, which aims to combine genetic data and mobile devices to give people just-in-time recommendations about what they should and shouldn't consume.

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