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No Logo: A New Strategy for Health?

The Importance of an Everlasting Sandwich

I have to admit, I kind of scoffed when I read the following headline: “Gas-Flushed Sandwiches Stay Fresh for Two Weeks.” The corresponding article explained that Booker Group, the UK’s largest food and drink wholesaler, is “launching chicken tikka and cheese ploughmans sandwiches, among others, it insists will remain fresh for 14 days.”

Do You Eat Soft-Serve Chicken?

Yes, I hate to say it, but this is your chicken. If you've ever eaten hot dogs, chicken nuggets, or anything else made of mechanically separated meat, you've eaten this. I've eaten it too, and so have my kids, but seeing this picture has changed all of our minds.

The description is even better:

Give Me a McStatin with Cheese

In what really is not a joke (though is likely a provocation), a group of British physicians published an article in the American Journal of Cardiology last week arguing that fast food companies should start packaging statins with their burgers and

Transparency informs smarter food choices. Or does it?

Business Week reports that when nutritional information is available on fast-food menus, parents choose about 100 fewer calories per meal for their children. It quotes the lead researcher's apt observation that,

One hundred calories over time is actually a significant amount in terms of weight gain, given the rates of fast food consumption and childhood obesity in our country.

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