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I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't let you send that email

Suppose you manage a sales team. Of course you don't want them coming across as angry or anxious or pushy. Now suppose, instead, that you could screen the tone of your sales team's emails to make sure that they're only happy and helpful. Would you do it?

Your Diet--and Your Job--Could Benefit from a Walk in the Park

Trouble resisting a late night dessert or shutting out distractions to finish up a project at work? The blog New Value Streams points to an interesting new study suggesting a pretty simple solution to help with either problem: Go for a walk in a park or among some trees.

Eating healthy helps others

Author Jonah Lehrer always seems to have something interesting to say these days—whether in his book, How We Decide, or on his blog, the Frontal Cortex—about our brains and how we make decisions. He recently picked up on the idea of social contagions and how it applies to self-discipline.

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