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The Social Production of Health (And Other Themes from TedMed)

In his talk to close out TedMed earlier this month, Dr. Mark Hyman gave a great talk highlighting a provocative but important idea: Many of the most important improvements in health and well-being won't just come from technology, but will emerge from social relationships. Hyman's talk, called "If We Can't Cure the Patient, Can the Community Do It?" described how he struck up an unexpected relationship with Rick Warren, the religious leader, and used that relationship to create a community led effort to help people lose weight and improve health.

What 50 Cent Can Teach us About the Future of Empathetic Foods

Since one of my research beats at the Institute is to track the emergence of weird, misguided, and yet, at times, brilliant packaged foods, I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't note the recent release of a new energy shot developed by the rapper 50 Cent that is almost certainly the first energy drink released in partnership with the United Nation's World Food Programme.

Simple Games, Shared Experiences and the Future of Empathy

A great game called Spent has gotten a fair bit of attention for its incredibly simple yet powerful simulation of life below the poverty line.

Augmented Empathy

Today, at IFTF's Technology Horizons workshop on the Future of Open Fabrication, Dominic Muren spoke on the future of manufacturing. 

His presentation was great and led me to explore his site, where you can see a wealth of ideas--some of which relate to fabrication, but also others like this amazing use of biometrics, technology, and design to augment empathy. From his site:

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