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BodyShock Winner Profile: Patient Narratives

Recovery Project from IFTF on Vimeo.

Here is another of the winning presentations from the BodyShock the Future contest for ideas to improve global health that was held this summer.

The Future of Social Networks is Storytelling, Part 1

 I write this at the risk of becoming a pariah. I know that the whole Internet industry - driven in equal parts by oversharing Bay Area technorati, brand-monitoring New York ad men, and follower-culting LA celebrity bimbos (male and female) - is agog at the potential of the real-time web. There's even a conference about it. Conversations, it goes, are the next new thing.

It took the launch of Google Buzz (a really lame Twitter knockoff) and the death of J.D. Salinger (the master of terse dialogue) to really hammer home just what I find so annoying about Twitter and Facebook.

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