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"Your profile got hacked by spambots"/"No, I've been tweeting about spambots"

A couple days ago, I had an interesting IM conversation with a friend of mine that can be summed up, roughly, as follows: "Your Linkedin profile has gotten taken over by spambots." To which I responded, after looking at my account, "No... I've just been tweeting about spambots."

What if Your Doctor Prescribed a Chatbot for You?

A couple weeks ago during a research meeting for our upcoming year, our colleague Lyn Jeffery challenged us to imagine a future where, at some point in the next decade, doctors start prescribing chatbots, robots and other forms of artificial intelligence as a relatively routine matter of medical practice.

Do Androids Dream of Origami Unicorns?

Swiss artist Matthieu Cherubini was kind enough to share some his thoughts and process behind the social bot rep.licants. is a service allowing users to install an artificial intelligence (bot) on their Facebook and/or Twitter account. From keywords, content analysis and activity analysis, the bot attempts to simulate the activity of the user, to improve it by feeding his account and to create new contacts with other users.


bots and chatbots

As part of IFTF research on futures of persuasion, we might consider the role of non human intelligence persuaders:

Chatbots are conversational programs that mimic human intelligence and are sometimes animated. Chatbots are a sub genre of 'bots'(short for robots) applied to both 'good' (search engine web spiders and crawlers) and 'bad' (malware and spam zombie servers)

Bots, according to wikipedia are'

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