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The Toxic Effects of Childhood Stress

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a fascinating, and potentially transformative, statement a couple of weeks ago about something that would seem to be a simple, almost insignificant problem: Stress.

Seeing is Believing

From time to time, my colleague Jake Dunagan cites a study showing that the image of a brain makes people more likely to believe that whatever they're reading is legitimate.

How Our Bodies are Becoming Social

As part of the Chronicle of Higher Education's series on ideas and issues that will define the coming decade, Alondra Nelson writes about an idea we've been kicking around for a while: That over the next decade, she argues, our DNA will do as much to define our social interactions as it will do to define our health experiences.

As Nelson puts it:

If the therapeutic utility of the genome is somewhat intangible, the social life of DNA is unmistakable.

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