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Accepting Virtual House Calls

I usually try to avoid blogging about stories from the mainstream press, but this headline—"The Virtual Visit May Expand Access to Doctors"—in the New York Times confirmed a trend we have been following for the last few years.  It is a perfect example of how health care is moving out of clinical settings to new points of care, or "anytime, anyplace health." 

"Stories of Health" makes health debate personal

Stories of Health is making the country's current debate around healthcare reform personal. The website features dozens of video interviews with people from all over California who have personally experienced the consequences of our nation's healthcare system.

Ultra Wide Views Exhibit - Montréal Libre Graphics

Check out this amazing panoramic (cycloramic?) & 3D video work being produced all on open source software from the Libre Graphics Meeting 2009 in Montréal. Would love to bring these technologies & technologists together with the Global Lives Project collaborator network and try to produce some interesting content around the globe. Seems like cameras need to be stationary though, which would preclude us from following individuals around, but could allow for interesting still videos.

Future of Video: Authorship, Appropriation, and Control

Sea otters are watching you!

Not a trend for the future of video, but an interesting moment for some photographers in Monterey Bay who had the camera turned on them for a change. And it wasn't another person behind the lens—it was an otter who'd gotten a hold of someone's discarded video camera floating in the bay.


Time-lapse Video from TYF Conference

As promised, Jerry Michalski's time-lapse video from the Ten-Year Forecast Conference on Thursday, April 10, 2008.

Thanks to all who joined us at the conference!

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