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Can Facebook Help in an Emergency?

Via NPR comes word of a recently launched contest to identify ways to use Facebook in an emergency. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and hosted at the awesome site, the contest is based on the idea that:

Social Connectedness and the Future of Well-Being

Last week, I happened upon this several year old article called the Social Context of Well-being about how social connection and social capital influence well-being.

What If Your Genetics Defined Your Community?

Imagine a world where people band together in activism around their genetic makeup. They wear real-time sensors, share their biomarker data with each other, influence government, and get group discounts on custom medications.

This is the vision embodied in the "artifact from the future" above. It's called Networked Health, and it was released as part of IFTF's HealthCare 2020 map.

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