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What Social Structures Improve Well-Being?

One of the topics we'll be exploring at our Health Horizons conference this week involves how emerging sharing practices are creating new strategies for improving health and well-being.

Can Collaborative Consumption Help Reduce Global Hunger--And Help Your Diet?

Danielle Sacks' recent article on sharing has gotten a fair amount of attention, and rightly so, for providing a great overview of the sharing economy, or what we've also talked about around here as collaborative consumption. The basic premise is that a variety of goods--cars, power tools, guest rooms--simply linger around wasting space when we don't use them, and that in the coming years, we should expect to see a boom in services like ZipCar that let people share goo

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Collaborative Consumption and the Future of Food Experiments

A couple months ago, I happened upon a flier for something called Micro Beekeeping. The premise of micro beekeeping is pretty simple - the proprietor, Dane Uhler, will visit your backyard or garden, set up and maintain beehives, and split the honey with whoever volunteers their land in exchange for a fee and some of the honey.

Collaborative Consumption with Rachel Botsman

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