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14 Dreams for the Future of California


Collaborative Drawing Games and the Future of California

This past week I've been working - alongside the other interns - on an interactive tool to help people engage with issues facing the future of California.  Excited by the notion of people sketching out their own ideas about what the future might look like, I wondered: how might drawing be used to generate ideas about where and how we live?

Games of Improvisation and Bodystorming for the Future of California

We have the questions, we know the answers and Specimens for Improvisation are two games about the future of California that I have been developing and prototyping during my internship at the IFTF.

We have the questions, we know the answers

Envisioning the Future of Drugs in San Francisco

This past week we interns each built a prototype for a game to engage with the future.  We considered this task to be a smaller version of the final project that is the culmination of this internship. Since we had but five days to design and complete our prototype, it was a challenge to identify a problem of the appropriate size.  My "play-space" shrunk from neural enhancement to chemical neural enhancement to chemical neural enhancement policy.

2011 Summer Interns Arrive at IFTF

On Monday, June 20, we welcomed 5 new faces to join IFTF for a six week summer intern program.

 Nicolas, Dan, Zach, Melissanthi & JoeLeft to right: Nicolas, Dan, Zach, Melissanthi & Joe

Democratized data for a renewed California

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