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SIGNALS: Avatars, Solar, Tar Sands, Shock Wave Engine, SketchChair, Robotics, Biopunk, Algae, Virtual Currency

  • 3-D Avatars Could Put You in Two Places at Once (source 
  • Google Invests $168 Million Towards the World’s Largest Solar Power Tower Plant (source

SIGNALS: space junk, 3d printing, biosensors, neuroscience, personhood, nuclear, darpa, resiliency, printable insects

  • NASA Working On Laser System To Zap and ‘Displace’ Space Junk (Source 
  • 3D printing method advances electrically small antenna design (Source

SIGNALS: battery, robots, 3D printing, kidney, biofuel, LED, Wave Disk, Phase Change Memory

  • New Sumitomo Electric Battery 90% Cheaper Than Lithium Ion (Source
  • Our depressing robot overlords (Source
  • EADS's Airbike is a 3D-printed nylon bicycle, actually looks rather decent (Source

SIGNALS: Language, Retail, FabFutures, AltEnergy, TV, Water, TechTYF, Medicine, Noble Gases, Collaborative Consumption

SIGNALS: Fab Futures, Risk, Alt Energy, Packaging, Adaptive Power, Coal, Wind

SIGNALS: Space, Alt Energy, Power Struggle, Fabrication Future, Extended Self, Retail, Language

  • Japanese Space Agency to Use Fishing Nets to Scoop Up Space Junk (Source
  • China: Number 1 in Thermal, Solar, Nuclear, Wind and Hydro Power (Source
  • Washington State Looking to Impose $100 Tax on EV Owners to Help with Lost Gas Revenue (
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