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The Social Production of Health (And Other Themes from TedMed)

In his talk to close out TedMed earlier this month, Dr. Mark Hyman gave a great talk highlighting a provocative but important idea: Many of the most important improvements in health and well-being won't just come from technology, but will emerge from social relationships. Hyman's talk, called "If We Can't Cure the Patient, Can the Community Do It?" described how he struck up an unexpected relationship with Rick Warren, the religious leader, and used that relationship to create a community led effort to help people lose weight and improve health.

Why Local Currencies Matter to Health Care

In a move that stands somewhere between performance art and economic policy, a theater group whose name translates to Secret Agency is launching a local currency in the German city of Oberhausen. Modeled after local currencies in Brazil, what's particularly striking is that the project aims to enable residents to create value, in spite of a relatively austere environment.

Exploring Social Production in Education

One of the key themes of our Ten-Year Forecast retreat last month was the concept of social production - production that draws on contributions from large networks of people, enabled by social technologies, to create new kinds of wealth. Last week, Marina explored what social production might mean for the world of education when she addressed the 2011 Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Academic Resource Conference in San Francisco. 

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