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Diagnosing Malaria--and Closing Labor Gaps--Through Games

On the heels of our exploration of the ways that games can improve health earlier this week, I thought I'd pass along this great signal from researchers at UCLA, who developed a game that enables everyday people to diagnose malaria almost as accurately as trained professionals.

As iHealthBeat describes it:

The Future of Medical Microwork

My lates Fast Coexist piece is available here. In it, I argue that medical microwork is emerging as a means to improve global health-as well as an innovative development strategy. It begins:

The Microwork Behind Assistive Technologies

There's a lot to like about a University of Rochester project known as VizWiz, highlighted in the New Scientist a couple of weeks ago. Designed to enable blind people to get answers to everyday visual questions, VizWiz is a demo phone app that can take simple photos and get answers to simple questions, like what denomination is this bill, in near real-time.

It works like this:

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