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Why 3-D Pharmaceutical Printing May Emerge from Outside the U.S.

The Guardian has a great interview with a Scottish professor named Lee Cronin who is working on developing a system to create pharmaceuticals through 3-d printing. Which is to say that he wants to make downloading and manufacturing medicine as simple as printing a web page.

After noting the barriers--of which there are many--Cronin offers up this big vision:

Using Regenerative Medicine to Preview Biological Responses

At IFTF, we're always looking for new tools to better understand future possibilities--and our 2010 Science, Technology and Well-Being map highlighted a new tool for personal health foresight: Stem cell research. The basic idea is this: the tools of regenerative medicine, which now enable scientists to, for example, engineer skin cells into other kinds of cells, such as heart cells, will enable scientists to test out effects of different kinds of treatments inside of petri dishes, rather than inside our bodies.

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