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Sustainability How-to: Green Business Digest

Anthony stumbled onto a great resource for information on green business trends: BusinessWeek's Green Business Newsletter. It's a monthly digest that pulls together the magazine's coverage of green issues and business trends. This month's topic is Green Design.

From BusinessWeek:

Science@Work How-To: SharpBrains

We were fortunate to have SharpBrains founder Alvaro Fernandez with us at our Fall Exchange on the Future of Work. From their website:

SharpBrains offers custom content services to news organizations, associations, health providers and insurance companies, retirement communities, medical content suppliers, magazines and websites interested in offering unique, science-based content on Brain Health and Fitness. Customer services include preparing tailored guides, articles, and e-newsletters.

Visible World How-To: Visualization

Visualization tools will require a new visual literacy for employees. While many companies rely on a creative or design team for visual communication, regular employees will more frequently be called upon to interpret and communicate data in a visual format.

To start, IFTF's maps are visualizations: the Future of Work map is visual abstraction of the Future of Work Perspectives. Sharing these with your staff and asking them to interpret data is a good exercise—and a way to help them understand why you might ask them to try a bunch of new and unusual things.

Future of Work: How-To Blog Posts

A number of participants in our immersive fall exchange on the Future of Work expressed that they weren't sure how to apply what they learned to their own organizations. In order to help make the forecasts a little more tangible, I'll be doing a series of blog posts here in the Tech Horizons blog that suggest different ways to take examples from the Future of Work Perspectives and Map and experiment with them in your organization. Each post will be linked to one of the six themes of the Future of Work.

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