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Future of Learning: Reimagining the Higher Education Landscape

Higher education worldwide is entering a period of creative disruption. In many ways, the space is poised to experience challenges similar to those facing journalism, manufacturing, and finance all at once, as novel funding structures, new international institutions, applied research into the neuroscience of learning, and emerging digital tools for knowledge discovery begin to converge on traditional organizational structures.

Antarctica After the Ice

During the time of the dinosaurs, Antarctica was covered with tropical rain forests. Overtime, as the planet cooled, and ice caps formed on the planet's poles. By the 20th century Antarctica was a desolate wasteland completely encompassed by ice. Because of this, the continent was largely ignored save for the attentions given to it by small groups of scientists and the occasional pioneering explorer.


Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: From STEM to SEAD

Design and art have long been viewed as distinct fields of inquiry from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but the contemporary perspective is that these modernist institutional distinctions are rapidly eroding now more than ever. For more than a decade, new residencies, institutions, collaborations, and projects have pushed the expectations and outcomes of working across both the sciences and the arts. Today, it's almost a given that science, design, engineering, and art are closely linked in product as well as practice.

The Fascinating Future of Cloud Diagnosis

Via a slightly old article in Good Magazine comes word of a great student project out of Australia called StethoCloud that is aimed at using the receiver on a phone to diagnose pneumonia by capturing the breathing of a potential pneumonia patient and sending that information off to the cloud for analysis.

Designing Tech for Social Change: An Interview with Femi Longe of Nigeria's Co-Creation Hub, Part II

If you missed Part I, click here.


In July I spent a few days around the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos, Nigeria. The CcHUB, or simply, the Hub, is the hottest, newest, co-creation, co-working, and innovation hub. It’s aim is to find tech-based solutions to Nigeria’s challenges. Since it opened in September of last year, it is abuzz with young energy and brilliant entrepreneurs.


Hacking Security at Toorcamp

You might expect that a hacker camp, like Toorcamp, is full of shady individuals who want to break into your computer and steal your data. Often times, people consider “hacking” to be a negative venture. In my experience this is not the case.


Aligning Business and Community Interests: A Recipe for Hope in Volatile Times

Robert H Girling’s latest book, The Good Company, uniquely sets the business in the broader context of its relationship with people, the environment and the global community.  Girling presents a refreshing array of new business approaches that create new value beyond the bottom line and serve to shake u

The Great American Hacker Camp

Toorcamp is a social technology event populated by hackers and makers, held at Neah Bay in Washington state. I am writing from the fog covered mountains of the northwestern most point of the continental US, so close to Canada that you can see her coast from the kelp covered beach. This moist outdoor paradise provides a wonderful analogy for the intersection of man, her tools, and nature.



eSports: The Future of Entertainment?

On the weekend of July 30th, 2011, 20,000 spectators turned up for an event held in the Anaheim Convention Center.  This was no sporting event, at least by conventional definition.  Those 20,000 spectators were in attendance to watch other people play video games.  

Share or Die Author Lunch at IFTF on Aug 15

Share or Die

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