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24 year old Cameroonian engineer invents a touchscreen medical tablet

A 24 year old Cameroonian engineer, Arthur Zang, has invented the Cardiopad, a touchscreen medical tablet used to perform tests similar to a traditional electrocardiograph. The Cardiopad can wirelessly transmit the results of a heart test from a remote location to specialists typically located in urban centers. 



"Stories of Health" makes health debate personal

Stories of Health is making the country's current debate around healthcare reform personal. The website features dozens of video interviews with people from all over California who have personally experienced the consequences of our nation's healthcare system.

Are Diseases the Symptoms?

We don't typically think of diseases as symptoms, and while Chris Patil didn't quite come out and call diseases symptoms of aging, that was the implication of his talk at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference. Patil, a biogerontologist--meaning someone who studies the underlying biological processes of aging--gave an overview of the field and argued that we have far more to gain by addressing the biology of aging, rather than focusing on individual diseases.

Fertility Treatments and Cosmetic Traits

On the heels of the public controversy over a mother of six using fertility treatments to have octuplets, comes a story from the Wall Street Journal that highlights the “ethical gray zones” brought about through fertility treatments.

The Service of Healthcare Conference

While I have been remiss of late in keeping up with my blogging responsibilities, IFTF Affiliate Richard Adler has been picking up the slack. (Thanks, Richard!) We have all been busy getting ready for our Fall Conference on Mobile Health. Of course, one can't look ahead to the election season and the months to come without thinking about healthcare itself.

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