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The Internet Immune System

Recent news around the Stuxnet computer virus and Kapersky Lab's discovery of the Flame spyware have heightened public conversations Internet security. 


What if the Internet were able to patch itself against threats and vulnerabilities? 


On conversation and extremism

It's conventional wisdom that groups generate ideas and plans more moderate than those of individuals. Groups and discussion encourage compromise, smooth out extremes, and guarantee moderation. It is also one of the unspoken assumptions of facilitation and group-oriented scenario work. Facilitation and scenario-building, the thinking goes, builds a sense of collective spirit by helping groups develop a shared vision of the future.

2020 South Africa Scenarios

I just finished reading the Dinokeng Scenarios and am really happy. How nice that the world is producing such wonderful things. I hope these 3 scenarios will lead to better tomorrows for South Africa.

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