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The Non-Ancient, Non-Secrets of Japanese Health

The Japanese people are longer-lived and healthier than Americans. Currently, that information does more to sell diet books than influence policy or infrastructure development. But research suggests public policy, income and healthcare equality, and the physical and social environment are a big part of what makes Japan healthy.

The Future of Wild California

So far, most discussion stimulated by the Institute for the Future's Future of California research map and California Dreaming contest have focused on the future of human life in California, mostly ignoring non-human natives, and the largest most critical lifeform, the integral wilderness of California.

Crowd-Tracking Noise and Air Pollution

A new noise/ozone sensor watch being tested in Europe.

Helping others see the pollution you hear

As part of our ongoing work examining the intersection of health and citizen-environmental monitoring, we are always on the look out for new products and services that promote this connection.

A political brouhaha in the making: Chinese workers sickened for cleaner energy in the West

The Times of London recently had an excellent article that will make you feel horrible every time you use a compact fluorescent lightbulbs to save energy--and that also suggests an emerging cultural flashpoint around which the Chinese public could organize in the coming years.  "'Green' lightbulbs poison workers", by Michael Sheridan, describes a surge in

Exinction Risks Underestimated -- NATURE

A new article in Nature argues that current models for estimating extinction risks underestimate the impact of forces beyond birth-death ratio and environment. As a result, biologists may be missing potentially significant extinction threats.

From the Nature summary:

Creation Care: Evangelicals Embrace Environmentalism

The Sundance Channel aired an interesting new documentary last night called "The Great Warming". What's interesting about it is that it examines how people are coping with forecasts and realities of global warming around the world - in London, in Bangladesh, etc. It's not about polar bears dying off or the Earth in pain... it's about real people suffering and being scared out of their wits. Powerful stuff.

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