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Technology is Society's Catalytic Converter


The Adam Curtis documentary series, All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, begins each of three BBC-broadcast episodes with the title card, "THIS IS A STORY ABOUT THE RISE OF THE MACHINES".



Lurching Towards Open Science

Openness is rocking the scientific world. Accept it or proceed at your own risk. As an article last week in Nature points out: scientists are posting unprecedented amounts of experimental data online in “open notebooks”.

But wait.
Science in academia is becoming more closed, driven by regulatory shifts in how funding is tied to ownership of research products. As the New York Times reports:

Exinction Risks Underestimated -- NATURE

A new article in Nature argues that current models for estimating extinction risks underestimate the impact of forces beyond birth-death ratio and environment. As a result, biologists may be missing potentially significant extinction threats.

From the Nature summary:

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