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What Maker Faire has to do with Leadership in the Future

A blog post on Leaders Make the Future co-authored by Bob Johansen and Deepa Mehta

If you've been to the Institute recently, you’ve probably seen this:

Maker Faire Africa

We here at the Ten-Year Forecast Program and IFTF have been saying the Global South is developing it’s own global voice. The Global South is becoming stronger and louder, slowly changing the way the Global North has to do business, for lack of a better analogy. Enter Africa. We usually only hear about Africa in the context of aid, disease, poverty, and war. We usually only pay attention when mega stars like Bono and Madonna get up on their soap box. Well today we are seeing very exciting things happening in Africa, by Africans. A new signal has popped up on the horizon, Ghana is hosting the very first Maker Faire Africa! If any one is able to go, it will be an exciting and inspiring event to be sure. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. I can’t wait to see what will be coming out of Africa in the coming years.

Flickr set: What will you bring to Maker Faire 2018?

Cell Phone ProjectorPet Dragons

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