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Antarctica After the Ice

During the time of the dinosaurs, Antarctica was covered with tropical rain forests. Overtime, as the planet cooled, and ice caps formed on the planet's poles. By the 20th century Antarctica was a desolate wasteland completely encompassed by ice. Because of this, the continent was largely ignored save for the attentions given to it by small groups of scientists and the occasional pioneering explorer.


Driving a Cleaner and More Resilient Future

California’s innovation engine has the potential to shift the economy to a cleaner and more resilient future.  Next 10, a nonpartisan nonprofit just released the 2012 California Green Innovation Index. In its fourth edition, this important document illustrates along multiple measures that you can indeed choose both, environmental improvement and economic growth.

How Climate Change Could Impact Health and Well-Being

Via I came across this study highlighting some of the ways in which climate change will impact health and well-being. The study, from University of Wisconsin researchers, is, not surprisingly, depressing. Among the findings:

Maldives insures itself against global warming

The Guardian reports that the Maldives is seeking insurance against rising sea levels:

The Maldives will begin to divert a portion of the country's billion-dollar annual tourist revenue into buying a new homeland - as an insurance policy against climate change that threatens to turn the 300,000 islanders into environmental refugees, the country's first democratically elected president has told the Guardian.

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