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Who is the Internet Human and what is the Human Internet?

For most of its history, using the Internet has involved conforming and contorting to the logic, architecture, and input/output mechanisms of machine networks. Humans have genuflected before immobile computer screens, tethered our limbs to mice and keyboards, and craned our necks to use the smartphone screens in our hands. The human experience of the Internet, however, will change dramatically in the next ten years.  The technical and network foundations are being laid that will allow humans to interface with the network much more naturally and effectively.

IFTF Comments on Senate Bill for Science Park Grants and Loans

Respectfully submitted by Anthony Townsend
Research Director
Institute for the Future

The Future of Infrastructure

A couple weeks ago I mentioned my long standing fascination with the history of architecture, and in particular my interest in how spatial design affects behavior. Last Sunday's New York Times Magazine on 'Infrastructure' was therefore an unexpected delight.

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