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If youth are our future, what of the future of youth (leaders)?

Youth leadership is a hot button issue these days. But I think what we tend to forget—or don’t have the opportunity to understand—is that youth leadership is very different throughout the world. Missing these nuances could lead to potentially ineffective global youth leadership initiatives.

Kenya Youth Scenarios, a personal perspective

Last June I had the pleasure of facilitating the Eastern province Kenya Youth Scenarios workshop on behalf of Institute of Economic Affair’s (IEA) Futures Programme after observing their Western province workshop.

Youth Leaders Make the Future

On June 16 from 8am-1pm, Institute for the Future and the Center for Creative Leadership will host a Train-the-Trainers module on Futures Thinking, designed for those who work with young people on leadership and self-development.  Registration is now open!

keep an eye on Taobao: China's massive online market

Taobao, which is owned by Alibaba, started out as an eBay clone but has

Culture: Digital Natives, Civil Spaces

A new youth media literacy is emerging. As the authors of cultural products, today’s young people are driving a rapid expansion of participative media—as well as a shift in the authority of authors. While this new literacy demands more personal skills in both producing media and evaluating them critically, it is also enabling more collaborative and commons-based forms of civic engagement.

Technology in Indian elections

Now that elections in India are over, the ballots have been cast and counted, and we know who is the winner, I thought it would be a great exercise to see how technology was used in Indian elections.  As you probably know the ruling Congress party won by a thumping majority even outpacing its own expectations on election results.

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