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5 Innovations Inspired by Liberation of Data



The air was electric. Voices buzzed in anticipation. I had never seen so many people in once place that were all excited about health data. I actually felt a bit giddy.

An Open Health Competition

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and have launched "Designing for Better Health," a competition that calls for projects that demonstrate novel and effective approaches to enouraging behavior changes to improve people's health. In a letter to the Changemakers community, RWJF explains:

Open Health and a health-related application for the iPhone

The innovation technology lab inSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters) has issued a call to developers willing to volunteer their time to build an SMS GeoChat application for the iPhone that emergency responders and aid workers will be able to communicate their exact location; message recipients will be able to view the sender’s location in Google Earth, Google Maps, Live Earth, etc.

A nexus of Health Horizons' areas of interest: Open Health meets games for health

Next month, the Serious Games Initiative will host its Games for Health conference. There will be sessions on epidemiology in World of Warcraft, Game Addicition, Nurse Training, Rehabitainment, and a special session with some of the biggest companies in healthcare. A schedule is available here.

An open source electronic health record platform

As much as I am in favor of electronic health records (EHR), I recognize that compatibility is a problem. For example, my EHR at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, which I access regularly, does not link to my records at Stanford Hospital. The efforts of companies like Google to provide online personal health records (PHRs) would allow me to aggregate all of my health information from any number of sources and control access to that data (hopefully in a secure and private way).*

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