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Optimizing Healthspans: Branching paths of longevity and death

Optimizing Healthspans was one of our forecasts on the recently released Science, Technology and Well-being 2020 Forecast Map.

To clear up your first question, (what’s a healthspan?), by healthspan we mean the length of healthy, quality living. In the last hundred years we’ve seen a dramatic lengthening of our life expectancy, and radical life extension hopes to lengthen our lifespans, but what we’re grappling with now and in the next decade is optimizing our chances of those added years being happy and healthy.

Ruby's Bequest may shed light on how health care system will help Alzheimer's patients

My colleague, Rachel Hatch, tweeted this morning: "Why Ruby's Bequest?:Caring [for] 4.5mill w/Alzheimers costs $100B/year" Ruby's Bequest, which launches March 9, is IFTF's latest effort in collaborative storytelling for the public good. It is intended to help us all think more about the future of caregiving. Rachel's tweet links to a story in today's New York Times called "Zen and the Art of Coping With Alzheimer's." It opens with a bullet point: "The number of Alzheimer's patients is expected to increase dramatically in coming years, straining the health care system." That's one more sobering fact for the Health Horizons team to consider as we move forward with our research for Health Care 2020.

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